300g BOT







This is details for my 300g BOT built for the KIWIBOTS robot wars.


 The idea was a simple to make BOT using readily available parts.
 The control uses a cheap Wireless Nunchuk for DealExtreme.com feeding into an Arduino with a simple H bridge IC.


 Front was cut after making it, by turning upside down and scribing sides at desired height.
 (Some plastic over the battery would ensure competitors go over the top cleanly.)



 Make sure to round off any edges that may contact the surface.




 It's a tail dragger. The plastic screws was rounded off using a battery drill and file, then fine sandpaper.



 White unit on top is the wireless nunchuk receiver, and the connector was stolen from a cheap Wii motion plus unit.


This is the code for the Nunchuk controlled robot of mine that weighs in currently at 305g.
Dimensions are 172mm Long x 130mm wide

  • 300g Robot
    • Software using Nunchuk completed. 1/7/11 weapon capability added to software .Nunchuk_BOT.pde
    • New LiPo batteries purchased and weight is 305g. Requires different H bridge as no back emf diodes on the board or in the chip...result = smoke escaping.
    • 19/3/12 Two IR4427P ICs for drivers (Element14 #1023267) added to drive motors with diode protection. 300g_Nunchuk_BOT_180312_2.pde

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